Council of the Great City Schools

Key Performance Indicators

In partnership with member school districts, the Council has developed a set of research-based Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to allow school districts to benchmark their progress on a variety of academic metrics.  These indicators correspond to the “Pledge by America’s Great City Schools” to improve the educational outcomes of Males of Color.   The indicators span early childhood, high school, attendance, and disciplinary factors that are generally predictive of student success.  The data collected for each indicator is disaggregated by race, gender, eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch, English language learner status, and special education status.

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Key Performance Indicators

Council of the Great City Schools

Males Color

·        Percent of students advancing from pre-k to k*

·        Percent of third graders proficient in reading*

·        Algebra I completion rate for credit by grade 9*

·        Ninth grade course failure rate—one core course*

·        Ninth graders with B average (GPA) or better*

·        Absentee rate by grade level*

·        Suspension rate*

·        Instructional days missed per student due to suspensions*

·        Percent of students placed in each general educational setting by percent of time*

·        AP participation rate*

·        AP-equivalent participation rate*

·        AP exam pass rate*

·        Early college enrollment*

·        Four-year graduation rate*

·        Five-year graduation rate*